The Holocaust House Of Cards

Rejecting that Miserable Mythos

The Holocaust mythos is omnipresent and overpowering, yet its amazingly fragile!   Its also actually a safe and easy and right to doubt or even outright reject it.

People are free to believe a huge variety of things such as Santa Claus, Flat Earth, Martians, Equality, …  You’d be surprised to hear how few people can make a compelling case for the Earth being round – rejecting the Flat Earth doesn’t make you hated.  Its actually safe and easy to doubt this Holocaust story without being immediately tossed into the camp of the haters.  Its not a racial issue – its not a hate issue. Since childhood this Holocaust mythos has simply had a serious problem with the sniff test – its just unbelievable! So many things about it just don’t add up – even to the mind of a child.  It REALLY is a Santa Claus tier story, and I’m sure you felt is was unbelievable too.  You were right! You’ve been lied to and used like a cow, goy.

Its Santa Claus tier fiction.

You can reject the Lone Gunman theory without being hated by all mankind.  Its actually true about Holocaust too.  People often simply have a hard time believing some story – there’s something that maybe smells off about it.  For good reason too, in this case.  The evidence for the horrors of the Holodomor, and for the Hellstorm after WW II, are overwhelming, yet the evidence for the horrible gas chambers and such is actually VERY thin.  In fact the case against it overwhelming!

The case against the prevailing Holocaust narrative is much stronger than the case for it.


The evidence is at your fingertips and there’s an overwhelming amount of it, but there are traps out there too. Watch out for more misdirection and lies.  The truth is simple and easy to find nowadays – so much that its hard to navigate:

Its NOT a race issue! The story simply fails the very simplest sniff test, and a great number of other tests too.  Its ONLY support is force!

The Holocaust relies coercion, momentum, and social/government power to stay alive – not evidence.

Its a bogus narrative kept alive by force.  Brush it off.  Its not a race issue.  Its not hateful. To stop believing in a unbelievable and poorly supported narrative is actually good common sense.



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