Castles are Pretty Cool

Hey Happygoy! Great to see you again!

Don’t you just love those cool ancient castles in Europe?  I do.  Throughout much the world there are such cool ancient structures. Here are some awesome photos:



Many are surrounded by water too, which always looks awesome:



Many are built on steep slopes, or mountain tops:

Did you ever stop to think about why?

Its because people were forever trying to fight off a*holes who were trying to kill them and take all their stuff!

History is a long story of people building things, and then fighting off the a*holes who try to take those great things from them.  Its a story of the strongest and most capable of leadership, gathering resources for themselves and fighting off the other groups who want those same resources.

Such fundamental forces are still afoot in the world today.  This dream-filled modern era did not end it. People need resources to survive, and if they are surviving, they want more resources to survive better.  The same struggle as ever is still behind the scenes, moving everybody, even on the small scale, moving political groups struggling to gain power for their people and to protect whatever they get, and then to get more.

Its happening right here, right now, in your country, wherever you are, and whoever you are.  Is there a group fighting for you, to protect your treasures? Do you have anything left to protect? Do you have anything worth fighting for?  I bet you do.  If not, that’s a sad situation, and you better find something to be proud of – before its too late.

Happygoy, the glorious history of Western Civilization is yours, and your team’s getting its ass kicked!  Your team is asleep – entranced, and is not even fighting.

Wake up, Happygoy!


The Lost Goys



Home, Sweet Home!

Are you at home, right there, right now, Happygoy?  Do you feel “at home?”  Have you created a place where you can you go to relax and be safe and free – free to enjoy the things you love and the people you love?


When you step outside are you free of persecution – free to simply enjoy your traditions and customs and be proud of your history? Or are you badgered about white privilege, and accusations of cultural appropriation – surrounded by mass-media wrongly depicting you as a feckless cuck, and stung by arrows of implicated shame for wrongs that happened long ago, which neither you nor your forefathers actually committed?

Are you a member of a rapidly dwindling and increasingly irrelevant and resented or even despised minority?

Yes you are, Happygoy.  That’s you.

Black boys crowd around lone blond boy

I bet you are at home only in your own house, and often the persecution sneaks in there too – but its normal now so you might not even notice it.

Where’s your home land, Happygoy?

In the USA?  Nope.

In Europe?  Nope.

There’s no place left for you, Happygoy.

Did you lose something, Happygoy?

Have you lost something that you didn’t know you had – something that’s actually precious and irreplaceable?

– The Joker

The Chinese have a great country and heritage to hold in their hearts like the soundtrack of their life story. It must be nice to have an entire land where people speak your language, share a common understanding of your history and its significance, and have a similar feeling of fondness and revulsion for all the minute idiosyncrasies that characterize a community.  Many people around the world have such a place. But you don’t, Happygoy.

Where’s your homeland?

You don’t have one anymore because you gave it away like a damn fool! You gave away your inheritance, and what’s worse you gave away your children’s inheritance! Someone sacrificed to create a homeland for you, and you gave it up to people who joke about it behind your back.

Who could respect such a fool! What a joke you are.

– Marlene Dietrich

What will you do about it?

Take it all back while you still can, you damn fool!

Wake up!

Here’s the future for people who are so feckless:


If you can’t figure out the truth about this stuff in this age where all knowledge is literally at your fingertips, then you are not trying hard enough! Wake up, you idiot! Wake up!



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Secret Endangered Species List

We all care about orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus), and snow leopards (Panthera uncia).  It would be a tragedy if those amazing creatures disappeared from the Earth forever.

Well, there’s a new entry on the Endanger Species List that nobody cares about!  Those bastards at NASA are keeping this one a secret!  Check out this quote from a fictional newspaper nobody’s ever heard of:

Number 3 on the list this year is the Great White Goy (humanicus awesomnicus).  They used to be seen in great numbers – healthy, happy hordes of them all over the United States, carving farms across the prairies, learning the mysteries of the universe in colleges, and shuffling slowly home from the factories at the end of a long day.  They are quickly vanishing from the countryside.  There’s been great speculation about the causes of the dwindling population, with suggestions such as pollution, global warming, invasive species, …

Despite the rapid disappearance, it seems that the consensus of the mainstream news and popular politics is that:

  • They got it coming
  • They did it to themselves
  • They are being beat by somebody better
  • Who cares – I want their stuff
  • Ha ha ha – hurry up and die whitey

Who’s going to save the Great White Goy?

Who’s going to make a heart wrenching movie about it?

It seems to me its something worth fussing about!


Cool Articles from the Tribune

Cool Videos


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The Holocaust House Of Cards

Rejecting that Miserable Mythos

The Holocaust mythos is omnipresent and overpowering, yet its amazingly fragile!   Its also actually a safe and easy and right to doubt or even outright reject it.

People are free to believe a huge variety of things such as Santa Claus, Flat Earth, Martians, Equality, …  You’d be surprised to hear how few people can make a compelling case for the Earth being round – rejecting the Flat Earth doesn’t make you hated.  Its actually safe and easy to doubt this Holocaust story without being immediately tossed into the camp of the haters.  Its not a racial issue – its not a hate issue. Since childhood this Holocaust mythos has simply had a serious problem with the sniff test – its just unbelievable! So many things about it just don’t add up – even to the mind of a child.  It REALLY is a Santa Claus tier story, and I’m sure you felt is was unbelievable too.  You were right! You’ve been lied to and used like a cow, goy.

Its Santa Claus tier fiction.

You can reject the Lone Gunman theory without being hated by all mankind.  Its actually true about Holocaust too.  People often simply have a hard time believing some story – there’s something that maybe smells off about it.  For good reason too, in this case.  The evidence for the horrors of the Holodomor, and for the Hellstorm after WW II, are overwhelming, yet the evidence for the horrible gas chambers and such is actually VERY thin.  In fact the case against it overwhelming!

The case against the prevailing Holocaust narrative is much stronger than the case for it.


The evidence is at your fingertips and there’s an overwhelming amount of it, but there are traps out there too. Watch out for more misdirection and lies.  The truth is simple and easy to find nowadays – so much that its hard to navigate:

Its NOT a race issue! The story simply fails the very simplest sniff test, and a great number of other tests too.  Its ONLY support is force!

The Holocaust relies coercion, momentum, and social/government power to stay alive – not evidence.

Its a bogus narrative kept alive by force.  Brush it off.  Its not a race issue.  Its not hateful. To stop believing in a unbelievable and poorly supported narrative is actually good common sense.



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This Immigration Thing is Good, Isn’t It?

Hey, happygoy! Don’t ask such questions! Just go back to sleep with full confidence that your overlords have everything under control.  Nobody is pulling a scam on you …

Check out this quote from a cool book, Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells,

Yet a historic trend with profound and irreversible consequences continued, regardless.  People from depleted soils, overcrowded lands, unpleasant climes and unpleasing landscapes, and from regions poor in minerals, water and fertile soil were pressing upon all the countries of the West, and only the West, colonizing them in their millions, ever hungry for these greener pastures.  The more so because these pastures did not require any pioneering work and hardship, for the whites that had formerly held those broad acres had erected a civilization and prosperity that were there for the taking. The movement of peoples from one region of the planet to another, a staple of history since the dawn of man, continued but only towards one region of the planet – the white region.  No one was flooding into China or the Middle East.  In the main, the population transfer was from the Third World to the white-occupied lands and the white-built civilizations.

Happygoy, this immigration is not your noble duty.  This is being done TO you, knowingly, and with foul intent – again by people who are laughing at your stupidity!


Here’s an amusing link on the subject: smoloko


They will laugh in your face about this too.

Wake up fool!


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